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Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Pennsylvania State Court
Margaret T. Giordano, State Regent
“You are the salt of the earth.” ... “You are the light of the world.” ...
—Matthew 5:13 – 16 (NAB)

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the organization is to participate in the religious, charitable, and educational Apostolates of the Church. Catholic Daughters of the Americas engages in creative and spiritual programs which provide its members with the opportunity to develop their God-given talents in meaningful ways that positively influence the welfare of the Church and all people throughout the world.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principle of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.

Highlighted News

Updated March 8, 2024

Please note, there are new email addresses for many. The addresses listed below are the most current and is what you should use. A new, unclickable, format for email is being used in an attempt to help reduce spam, so you will need to manually enter it the first time you compose new mail, then save it in your addressbook. When you see [a† symbol] replace the entire section, including the square brackets, with the a† symbol. If you need any assistance, please use the contact form to reach our state web designer.

Congratulations! To Court Good Shepherd #2800 whose court was instituted on March 2, 2024, at Good Shepherd church in Port Matilda, where their officers and members were then installed into our great Order. If anyone happens to have a photo(s) from this event, please send them to our state web designer at cdapa.com[a† symbol]gmail.com for inclusion on this website.

The February 2024 Lucky Lottery Calendar Winners have been published. You can see them here.

The State District Deputy list has been updated and can be viewed here.

The Spring 2024 Angelus has been published and can be viewed here!

The Spiritual Mass Intention location has been changed! Updated Mass and enrollment cards are available here.

The Pittsburgh Diocesan schedule for 2024 has been posted and you can view it here.

The Ten Week Lottery Winners - November 7, 2023 – January 9, 2024 have been published. You can see them here.

The donation form has been revised. You will know you are using the correct donation form by looking in the bottom right hand corner and see “Revised: August 14, 2023 at 11:28 AM”.


Updated March 8, 2024

State | Local | National | State Contact Form

A new, unclickable, format for email is being used in an attempt to help reduce spam, so you will need to manually enter it the first time you compose new mail. When you see [a† symbol] replace the entire section, including the square brackets, with the a† symbol. If you need any assistance, please use the contact form to reach our state web designer.



Court and Anniversary List

Court List Updated March 8, 2024

A new, unclickable, format for email is being used in an attempt to help reduce spam, so you will need to manually enter it the first time you compose new mail. When you see [a† symbol] replace the entire section, including the square brackets, with the a† symbol. If you need any assistance, please use the contact form to reach our state web designer.

There are eight diocese in the state of Pennsylvania.

You can click into the gold column headings to sort the list by that word. The anniversary column is for the entire current year, so a court installed in January of 1920, will show the same number of years as a court installed in December of 1920. The regent column is not sortable. If the regent has an email, it is used; otherwise, as noted, you'll be asked to send an email to them in the care of (c/o) the state regent.

Local court web pages are linked to the court's name below; click on the court name and you will go to that court's web page. Regents wishing to update their web page on the state's website, should contact our state web designer. Local courts having their own website, outside of the state court website, should share the link with the state web designer; our local court list will use that link, so other's can read all about your good works!

If you are still having trouble using email to reach one of our court regents, you can always use our contact form. Complete the form. In the section Check all that apply:, select Other. In the Comment box include the name of the regent you wish to be put in contact with.

Diocese Name Number Location Instituted Anniversary Regent
Allentown Easton 358 Easton 3/30/1919 104 years Chris Curto— chriscurto66[a† symbol]gmail.com
Allentown Ryan 911 Jim Thorpe 11/9/1924 99 years Mary Marzen — marymarzen[a† symbol]gmail.com
Allentown Saint James 1029 Frackville 12/5/1926 97 years Kathryn Gaughan — kgaughan[a† symbol]ptd.net
Altoona-Johnstown Saint Veronica 111 Renovo 6/20/1909 114 years Patricia Kowalski — noclawu[a† symbol]yahoo.com
Altoona-Johnstown Ave Maria 399 Lock Haven 10/5/1919 104 years JoAnn Marcinkevage — rmarcink[a† symbol]kcnet.org
Altoona-Johnstown Rev. Patrick McArdle 448 Bellefonte 1/18/1920 103 years Phyllis Galio — pegalio[a† symbol]comcast.net
Altoona-Johnstown Saint Rita 523 Tyrone 6/20/1920 103 years Amy Brisbin — amylbrisbin[a† symbol]gmail.com
Altoona-Johnstown Of Our Lady 647 Johnstown 5/8/1921 102 years Tina Frank — jtfrank5[a† symbol]comcast.net
Altoona-Johnstown Joan of Arc 716 Cresson 2/19/1922 101 years Mary Jo Fitzsimmons — majofitz[a† symbol]hotmail.com
Altoona-Johnstown Our Lady of Victory 722 Northern Cambria 2/26/1922 101 years Annette Fisanick — amfisanick[a† symbol]hotmail.com
Altoona-Johnstown Our Lady of the Alleghenies 1755 Hollidaysburg 9/15/1957 66 years Laurie Staub — laurie50us[a† symbol]yahoo.com
Altoona-Johnstown Saint Catherine 1992 Mount Union 4/20/1969 54 years Mary Lyons — mel.551[a† symbol]verizon.net
Altoona-Johnstown Blessed Madonna 2521 State College 9/28/2003 20 years Mary Hershey — mary3222[a† symbol]comcast.net
Altoona-Johnstown Prince Gallitzin 2625 Altoona 8/22/2009 14 years Carol Galioto — carol52ann[a† symbol]outlook.com
Altoona-Johnstown St. Gerard Majella 2751 Clarence 11/11/2018 5 years Leona Koleno — lmk113[a† symbol]hotmail.com
Altoona-Johnstown St. Gianna Molla 2764 Huntingdon 6/24/2021 2 years Sonia McCubbins — ontheflyakvdz[a† symbol]yahoo.com
Altoona-Johnstown Roses of Mary 2766 Somerset 8/9/2020 3 years Rhonda Yahner — ryahner[a† symbol]hotmail.com
Altoona-Johnstown Good Shepherd 2800 Port Matilda 3/2/2024 New Christina Combs — zimm0244[a† symbol]yahoo.com
Erie Columbia 2 Meadville 11/30/1903 120 years Carol Bellini — ccbu222[a† symbol]gmail.com
Erie Conception 35 Corry 5/7/1905 118 years Patricia Phillips — patphillips590[a† symbol]gmail.com
Erie Callistus 66 Kane 4/7/1907 116 years Sarah Ambrose — fjr.sally[a† symbol]verizon.net
Erie Saint Mary 95 Saint Marys 12/08/1908 115 years Lori Schreiber — lorislifeisgood[a† symbol]windstream.net
Erie Saint Rita 353 Punxsutawney 1/26/1919 104 years Debora Rougeux — pern76[a† symbol]outlook.com
Erie Saint Leo 356 Ridgeway 3/19/1919 104 years Linda Facchine — lfacc[a† symbol]windstream.net
Erie Saint Victoria 646 Houtzdale 5/15/1921 102 years Kelly Christoff — kellychristoff[a† symbol]yahoo.com
Erie Saint Mary 890 Reynoldsville 6/24/1924 99 years Angela Deemer — fredandangela[a† symbol]comcast.net
Erie Doyle 932 Coudersport 12/12/1924 99 years Gloria Richardson — gloriar[a† symbol]zitomedia.net
Erie Saint Thomas 1483 Franklin 9/18/1948 75 years Susan Hannon — suehan1225[a† symbol]gmail.com
Erie Immaculate Conception of Clarion 2454 Clarion 3/21/1998 25 years Ann Liska — ael726[a† symbol]hotmail.com
Greensburg Annunciata 260 Connellsville 4/25/1915 108 years Dolors Tissue — dollyt[a† symbol]zoominternet.net
Greensburg Lambing 314 Scottdale 5/20/1917 106 years Martha Opalinski — mnmopal[a† symbol]verizon.net
Greensburg St. Bernard 339 Indiana 6/23/1918 105 years Barbara Minor — bminor4955[a† symbol]gmail.com
Greensburg Uniontown 505 Uniontown 5/23/1920 103 years Paulmina Rawlings — craftyyy2[a† symbol]yahoo.com
Greensburg St. Theresa 562 Blairsville 6/7/1920 103 years Christina F. Bell — tfbell[a† symbol]msn.com
Greensburg Monessen 776 Monessen 12/10/1922 101 years Deborah Genemore — debg06[a† symbol]comcast.net
Greensburg New Kensington 860 New Kensington 3/3/1924 99 years Theresa Shields — teachermom1952[a† symbol]gmail.com
Greensburg Patricia 998 Kittanning 4/11/1926 97 years Dolores Croyle — scocro[a† symbol]comcast.net
Greensburg Vandergrift 1008 Vandergrift 6/6/1926 97 years Kathleen Policicchio — kathy.policicchio[a† symbol]comcast.net
Greensburg St. James the Greater 2180 Apollo 11/13/1977 46 years Janice Gavalik — janmg1123[a† symbol]gmail.com
Greensburg St. Florian 2240 United 10/10/1982 41 years Mary Ann Monticue — monticue[a† symbol]zoominternet.net
Harrisburg Our Lady of Victory 588 Mount Carmel 12/12/1920 103 years Mary Snyder — mary219snyder[a† symbol]gmail.com
Harrisburg Queen of Peace 1023 Lancaster 10/17/1926 97 years Lee Ann Hrycaj — leeannhr[a† symbol]aol.com
Philadelphia Ave Maria 650 Germantown 4/10/1921 102 years Heather Goldsmith — heathersgoldsmith[a† symbol]gmail.com
Philadelphia St. Mark 1097 Bristol 6/17/1928 95 years Sarah Mastrull — seimonkee[a† symbol]aol.com
Philadelphia Holy Trinity 1336 Philadelphia 6/8/1941 82 years Kathe' Sobczak — kathe.sobczak[a† symbol]gmail.com
Philadelphia St. Dominic 2222 Philadelphia 10/5/1980 43 years Marianne Midora — midoram1964[a† symbol]gmail.com
Philadelphia St. Ephrem 2230 Bensalem 9/12/1981 42 years Dolores Maronski — doloresmaronski[a† symbol]comcast.net
Philadelphia St. Francis de Sales 2617 Philadelphia 3/15/2009 14 years Alice Murray — aagabm[a† symbol]aol.com
Philadelphia Mystical Rose 2628 Philadelphia 11/21/2009 14 years Maryann Voystock — maryann.voystock[a† symbol]gmail.com
Pittsburgh Butler 443 Butler 12/28/1919 104 years Barbara Brandon — bbran024[a† symbol]aol.com
Pittsburgh Bellevue 655 Bellevue 5/22/1921 102 years Maria Faller — legobeaver[a† symbol]comcast.net
Pittsburgh Westinghouse 759 Turtle Creek 7/16/1922 101 years Donna Egan — donname6[a† symbol]comcast.net
Pittsburgh Washington 1651 Washington 9/20/1953 70 years Denise Quayle — quayle59[a† symbol]yahoo.com
Pittsburgh Dolores de Mater 1675 Bentleyville 4/4/1954 69 years Nikki Meglis — nmeglis[a† symbol]gmail.com
Pittsburgh St. Rene 1868 Monroeville 11/19/1961 62 years Christine Palamone — chrispalamone17[a† symbol]gmail.com
Pittsburgh Greene County 1923 Carmichaels 9/20/1964 59 years Barbara Markulik — bmarkulik[a† symbol]aol.com
Scranton St. Martin 418 Honesdale 11/9/1919 104 years Teresa Bayly — jtbayly[a† symbol]verizon.net

Pennsylvania Diocese

Shown Alphabetically
Updated December 17, 2023

Diocesan officers, please send in meeting or event updates when they are available and I will publish them.

Links to the indidual diocese can be found following this link to our website listing.

Allentown Diocese

Altoona-Johnstown Diocese

Erie Diocese

Greensburg Diocese

Harrisburg Diocese

Philadelphia Archdiocese

Pittsburgh Diocese

Scranton Diocese

Circle of Love

Catholic Daughters has a seven point program called "Circle of Love". These seven points are bound together by the common interest — love.

Seven hearts circling around one central heart

This image is symbolic of our "Circle of Love" program. The seven points are, alphabetically: Education, Family, Leadership, Legislation, Quality of Life, Spiritual Enhancement, and Youth/JCDA.

The cross and crown in the center of the heart is the national symbol of The Order — the Catholic Daughters of the Americas.

National describes the Circle of Love saying, in-part, "the seven points selected indicate the needs of the Church and community best served by the Catholic Daughters. The program itemizes these needs with suggestions on how Catholic Daughters can effectively serve."

In 2003 Grace DiCairano, National Regent at the time, wrote in Catholic Daughters of the Americas — A Century in Review, "A Century in Review reminds us that despite differences in age, education, heritage, and yes, idiosyncrasies, we are family. Although separated by great distances, we are bound together by our common desire to uphold the dignity of women and defend family values."

Courts are asked to participate in one or more of the seven programs and report annually on what they've accomplished.

The Venerable Fulton J. Sheen


The Venerable Fulton J. Sheen was a notable American Bishop, later an Archbishop, because of his many meritorious deeds in evangelization, especially those of his television, radio, and print ministries.

At our 24th Biennial Convention in 1952 Bishop Sheen challenged us to expand throughout the world!

Saint Teresa of Calcutta


Now Canonized, Mother Teresa, founder of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, spoke to an audience of Catholic Daughters in October of 1972 in Washington, D.C. to mark National Catholic Daughters Day. She asked the CDA members to continue to "give to our brothers and sisters throughout the world as if once more Jesus had come into the world cold, hungry, and alone."

Through annual donations to the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa's challenge and that of Bishop Sheen are being met, as we expand into areas outside of the Americas! Both The Venerable Fulton J. Sheen and Saint Teresa of Calcutta are spoken of on National's website.


If you would like to be notified when the next newsletter is published, join our Email List!


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Membership / Join

Come in and be welcome!
Please, join us, as we focus on ...
Unity and Charity!

Join | New Courts | Existing Courts


So, you'd like to join Catholic Daughters! How wonderful! Come and see ... and be welcome among us!

We have lots to offer Catholic women at least 18 years of age. Spirituality, service, sisterhood, to name just a few!

Most courts have regular business meetings ten months out of the year with opportunities to share your God-given talents with other members at committee meetings and events held throughout the month.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas provides its members with updated programs to serve the current needs of Church and country. The programs cover a vast scope of activities beginning at the parish level and expanding into all concerns of today's Church and society.

We encourage all Catholic women, at least 18 years of age, to join the Catholic Daughters of the Americas to share their God-given talents. Those between the ages of six to 18 are encouraged to join a Junior Court.

Complete our Contact Form! or contact our State Regent to join a court in your area or to obtain additional information!

Our Patroness

Mary, Mother of God

Mary statue on display at the National Office.
Statue on display at the National Office in New York City, New York
Colorized by Pattie

Our Motto - Unity and Charity!

Spirituality and Service

They go hand and hand ... Spirituality ... how we express our faith in the Lord and Service ... how we express that faith in His mssion. Join us today! Let's make the world a better place, together, in Unity and Charity, as sisters in faith!

"Prayer for Unity of the Church"

The Catholic Church has a "Prayer for Unity of the Church" which fits our motto nicely:

Almighty and merciful God, you willed that the different nations should become one people through your Son. Grant in your kindness that those, who glory in being known as Christians, may put aside their difference and become one in truth and charity, and that all men, enlightened by the true faith, may be united in fraternal communion in the one Church. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

As you will notice by viewing The Enchiridion of Indulgences, there is a partial indulgence associated with this prayer.

We are ...

We are ... also known as CDA, C D of A, and The Order.

Today we have approximately 63,000 members in approximately 1,150 courts in 45 states across the country and in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

Symbol and Colors

Our Symbol is the Cross and Crown.

CDA Cross and Crown

Our Colors are purple, white, and gold.

New Courts

Let's make the world a better place, together, in Unity and Charity, as sisters in faith!

How do I get started to form a new court?

First, find a parish or area without a Catholic Daughters court. Then, contact the parish priest (or a priest in the area you're interested in) and ask for permission for the state membership team to come and speak with him. Once you have the priest's permission, contact our State Regent.

The state membership team will then take the necessary steps to begin the process of forming a new court.

On the National Level, if you have an interest in forming a court and/or obtaining more information, visit Catholic Daughters of the Americas Why Join page or How to Join page.

Existing Courts

Congratulations to the Pennsylvania recipients for being awarded the Saint Faustina pin for their outstanding work with membership and court development at the 57th Biennial National Convention held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! They were Janet Oesterling, State Membership Chair along Shirley Hall, First Vice State Regent. Congratulations ladies! We're all very proud of you!

Congratulations to members of our Pennsylvania membership team who were among those who received the first Saint Faustina pin for their outstanding work with membership and court development at the 56th Biennial National Convention held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

National Projects and Charities

Charitable Contributions

National Projects | National Charities

National Projects

Across Pennsylvania, members of our Local Courts donated to our five National Projects.

  • Habitat for Humanity "Habitat for Humanity's vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Our mission is to put God's love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope."
  • Holy Cross Family Rosary "The Family That Prays Together Stays Together"
  • Labouré Society "...exists to provide financial assistance and spiritual support ... to pursue a vocation to the priesthood and/or religious..."
  • National Center on Sexual Exploitation "...formerly Morality in Media, is the leading national organization dedicated to opposing pornography by highlighting the links to sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, and addiction."
  • SOAR Supporting Our Aging Religious ... began in 1986 with $25,000 seed money from Catholic Daughters. It raises funds and provides grants to help Catholic religious congregations in the United States care for their elderly and infirm members.
Show National Project Contributions ...

Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit


Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel [Right Judgment], Fortitude [Courage], Knowledge, Piety [Reverence], and Fear of the Lord [Wonder and Awe in God's Presence]. (cf. Is 11:1-2)

Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Generosity, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Modesty, Self-control, Chastity. (cf. Gal 5:22-23)



Christians do not make a house of God until they are one in charity. The timber and stone must fit together in an orderly plan, must be joined in perfect harmony, must give each other the support as if it were a love, or no one would enter the building. When you see the stones and beams of a building holding together securely, you enter the building with an easy mind...

The work we see complete in this building is physical; it should find its spiritual counterparts in your hearts. St. Augustine, Sermon 336, 1, 6

Why not ...

"Pay it forward!"
Help us ...
help our neighbors,
near and far!

Contact our State Regent to

Donate Today!

National Charities

Charitable Contributions

Additionally, Pennsylvania members have donated to our National Charities.

  • Apostleship of the Sea "We assist seafarers with their spiritual needs... ...wherever and whenever they need us."
  • Catholic Extension "Together we can transform communities through the power of faith." A new National Charity.
  • Catholic Relief Services "We work with organizations around the world to help poor and vulnerable people overcome emergencies, earn a living through agriculture and access affordable health care"
  • Disaster Relief: "The Catholic Daughters maintain a Disaster Fund to which our members contribute. At the request of the State Regent where a disaster occurs, monetary assistance is forwarded to the Bishop of that diocese for distribution."
  • Human Life International New charity as of the 2022 National Convention: Human Life International (HLI) is a United States based Roman Catholic anti-abortion organization. It is one of the largest anti-abortion organizations in the United States. It is also the largest international pro-life organization in the world. It has affiliates and associates in over 80 nations worldwide and has sent representatives to approximately 160 locations.
  • Missionaries of Charity "The Center's aim is to serve as a centralized and authoritative source of information on Mother Teresa, to facilitate the spread of authentic devotion to her, and to safeguard her words and image from misuse or abuse."
  • National Shrine "The National Shrine, also known as Mary's Shrine, receives nearly one million visitors annually and has been visited by Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, Saint Pope John Paul II, and Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, among others."
  • North American College They are an "educational institution in Rome, Italy that forms seminarians for priestly ministry in the dioceses of the United States and elsewhere". This is also a State-sponsored fundraiser through the Spiritual Intentions Mass Cards. Once there, select Court and District Deputy Forms.
  • Tutwiler Clinic "We at the Tutwiler Clinic affirm the dignity of each person and her or his right to quality health care provided in a Christian manner. We seek to enable Clinic patients to become knowledgeable about their health or illness and to participate in their own care to their fullest potential."
Show Charitable Contribution List ...

About the PA State Court

Updated July 3, 2023

Pennsylvania's State Court was chartered in Corry, Pennsylvania on October 28, 1911 and today has 56 courts under her umbrella.

Pennsylvania is graced to have the oldest court in The Order within her boundaries, that of Court Columbia #2 in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has hosted three National Conventions. The 28th in Pittsburgh; the 41st in Philadelphia; and most recently, July 2016, the 56th National Convention in Pittsburgh.

State Projects


2023 State Convention — Altoona, PA

Pennsylvania State Convention — CDA Unity Thru Charity & Love — Altoona, Pennsylvania, April 21–24, 2023 at the Blair County Convention Center, Altoona, Pennsylvania.

2023-2025 Incoming State Board

Installation of Officers

Top Row, Left to Right: Outgoing State Chaplain Rev. Jozef Kovachik; Incoming State Chaplain Rev. Norbert Suresh; and Court Reverend Patrick McArdle #448's Chaplain, Rev. Brian Saylor. Front Row, Left to right (Titles as of June 12, 2023, when the newly elected officers assume their new positions): Immeidate Past State Regent Shirley Hall; State Secretary Pam Callahan; First Vice State Regent Lisa McCann; State Regent Margaret T. Giordano; Second Vice State Regent Jeanette Kitch; State Treasurer Michelle Russo; and National Regent-Elect and Pennsylvania State Supervisor Susan Moné.

Thank you to the state officers and to the many people who made it possible and to all those who attended!

CDA Unity Thru Charity and Love

National Regent Elect Susan Moné

Our theme says it all for Catholic Daughters in Pennsylvania. Your work in CDA was so evident in all the Circle of Love reports in the many, many ways that you serve the Lord as His hands and feet to those in most need. You are truly living the theme of “CDA Unity Thru Charity and Love.

It was my great pleasure to attend your 55th Biennial State Convention in Altoona. Kudos to your state board and the convention committee for a very well-planned and successful convention. The convention went so smoothly and not only did your state regent keep right on track and time, Shirley was often ahead of time, which allowed me time to socialize and be able to meet so many of you who attended the convention.

Doug and I had so much fun on Saturday's fun night and the sharing of your lovely installation banquet. And of course, having been born and raised in Pittsburgh, it was like coming home again with all the many connections I have throughout the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and at home among friends. I offer a big “Thank You” to your state board who worked so hard the past two years for all CDA members in Pennsylvania and spent much time the past year to make your convention so spiritual, informative, fun, and totally successful.

I offer congratulations to your newly-elected board as they begin the journey for the next two years and you continue to serve CDA in Pennsylvania. I pray that you enjoy your term and that God will continue to guide you and the Holy Spirit inspires you as you walk with Mary at your side.

I feel blessed to be your national supervisor and look forward to working with the board in any way I can help. Please know that I am there for you. I pray daily for all Catholic Daughters at Mass and in my prayers.

Keep up the awesome work you do, living the theme of “CDA Unity Thru Charity and Love.”. Remember our national regent's theme, “Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed Can Move Mountains.

To see photos from the convention weekend, visit Court Saint Martin #418's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100082496994653. Thank you to Judy P. for taking and uploading all the wonderful memories!

2021 State Convention — Altoona, PA

Pennsylvania State Convention — Full Speed Ahead with CDA — Altoona, Pennsylvania, April 16–19, 2021 was a great success!

2021-2023 Board

Installation of Officers
Left to right: Jeanette Kitch, State Secretary; Margaret T. Giordano, First Vice State Regent; Essie Walker, Second Vice National Regent and Pennsylvania National Supervisor; Rev. Jozef Kovacik, State Chaplain; Shirley Hall, State Regent; Lisa McCann, Second Vice State Regent; and, Pamela Callahan, State Treasurer

Thank you to the state officers and to the many people who made it possible and to all those who attended!

Check out the 2021 convention pictures on Court Saint Martin #418 Facebook page! Thank you, Judy P., for taking and uploading the many pictures from the 2021 state convention!

More convention pictures, nearly 400 photos, added on May 26, 2021, compliments of Annamaria T. from Court Our Lady of the Alleghenies #1755! Thank you, Annamaria!

As reported in Proclaim! — Altoona-Johnstown Diocesan News — Pennsylvania State Convention — Altoona Hosts State Convention for the Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Proclaim! E253 May 2, 2021 Pennsylvania Catholic Daughters are highlighted in this episode of Proclaim! on vimeo. Begin watching at the 13:00 mark and it concludes at about the 18:30 mark.

2019 State Convention — Blairsville, PA

Friday, April 5 – Monday, April 8, 2019 at the Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort and Conference Center.

The theme for the Convention is "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow."

2019 Installation of State Officers – Peg Witas, Immediate Past State Regent; Margaret Giordano, First Vice State Regent; Shirley Hall, State Regent; Most Rev. Bishop Edward C. Malesic, Bishop of Greensburg Diocese; Essie Walker, National Secretary-Treasurer and Pennsylvania National Representative; Lisa McCann, Second Vice State Regent; Colette McCaffrey, State Secretary; and, Jeanette Kitch, State Treasurer.

2017 State Convention — Danville, PA

Friday, April 28 – Monday, May 1, 2017 Making CDA Greater Through "Unity and Charity" With Mary

Thank you to all who participated in our 52nd Biennial State Convention! Our Opening Mass was on Friday, April 28th at St. Joseph Church. Con-celebrants were: Fr. Timothy O'Sulivan, State Chaplain, Fr. D. Timothy Grimme, Immediate Past State Chaplain and Rev. Francis J. Karwacki, Pastor and Chaplain of Court Our Lady of Victory #588. Dinner followed with entertainment by the singing group, "Lift Up Your Spirits," of which several members are from Court #588. The State Officers then honored Rosemarie Faller for her time and talents as State Organist for over twenty years. We then heard from Sr. Mary Paul, DM our keynote speaker. Sister spoke about Benjie, a dog which the sisters of the convent took in.

Saturday morning, we had an early Mass, con-celebrated by Fr. O'Sullivan and Fr. Grimme. After breakfast, we had opening ceremonies—the Color Guard led the way to open our 52nd Biennial State Convention; escorted in were past state officers, then current state officers, and Rose Holschlag, National Representative for this Convention. I opened with a prayer, and Johanna Leonard led us in The Star Spangled Banner and our Opening Ode. After introducing the head table, I had the pleasure of introducing Laraine McGinnis, Past State Regent and Letty Calvetti, Past State Regent and Past 2nd Vice National Regent. I thanked them for their continued giving of time and talents to CDA. Rose Holschlag gave a welcome to the convention body.

Mary Catherine Wydra, Nominating Chair, reported on the slate of officers for the term 2017–2019: Peggy Witas, State Regent; open slate: First Vice; Margaret Giordano - Second Vice; Lisa McCann, State Secretary; and, Colette McCaffrey, State Treasurer. Shirley Hall was nominated from the floor for the office of First Vice State Regent. There were no other nominations for state officers and a voice vote was taken.

We had a Memorial Service remembering all our members who were deceased in the last two years.

On Saturday evening, the members enjoyed a cookout and were entertained by Mike the One-Man Band. I was truly surprised when Shirley needed to talk to me and insisted on doing it up on the dais where it turned out they were going to roast me. One of the highlights was the presentation by state officers who gave me a Past State Regent ring. I will be acknowledging the members and the courts who presented. I can't thank you enough for your kindness to me.

The following names were elected on Sunday for the 2019 Nominating Committee: Lynn Kelly, Philadelphia, Chairman; Theresa Shields, New Kensington; Kathleen Peeler, Mt. Carmel; Sue Kelly, Meadville; Christina Seese, Turtle Creek. Alternates: Lisa Gehret, Tyrone; Sandy Inzana, Ebensburg and Mary Ann Voystock, Philadelphia.

Following a continental breakfast, the State Officers and National Director, Rose, had a crowning ceremony for the Blessed Mother; we entered the convention room while the choir sang. We followed up with a Robe Ceremony where we passed our robes to the incoming officers. I felt it was very impressive and sentimental. Various reports were given during the Convention, and we had a presentation from Pat Gildea, Parliamentarian, who also invigorated us with two of her warm-ups. We heard messages from Past State Regents, Letty Calvetti and Laraine McGinnis. Shirley Hall gave us a message from Margaret Novak, Immediate Past State Regent, who is recuperating from her illnesses. Please keep her in your prayers. Rose Holschlag presented her message on behalf of National.

I announced the District Deputies and State Chairman, thanking them for all they have done.

State Chairmen gave their reports on the Circle of Love. Shirley Hall gave out membership awards to courts that had taken in the most members in the last two years, Peg Witas, Regent Elect, gave a message; her theme for the next two years is "Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord."

Margaret Giordano gave the Registration Report: Courts 37, National Representative 1, State Officers 5, Past State Regents 2, Delegates 99, Alternates and Members 16, Guests–Priests 2, for a total of 125 attendees. We had a closing prayer, and sang the Closing Ode and retired the flags.

Installation Mass was celebrated by Fr. Grimme at St. Joseph Church. Afterwards, at the banquet, I announced the Woman of the Year; the State Officers were proud to present this award to Letty Calvetti. Finally, I called on each of the newly-elected officers to say a few words.

On Monday, there was a Patriotic Mass for God and Country and for all to return home safely. After breakfast, there was a mini-workshop presented by Shirley, Margaret and Peg on communication, financial review and team building, respectively.

I would like to thank Fr. O'Sullivan for his support and guidance and for celebrating our Friday and Saturday Masses, Fr. Grimme for celebrating our monthly Spiritual Intentions Masses and Convention Masses, Sherry Nilles for her support, my fellow state officers Peg, Shirley, Margaret and Lisa—you are the best. I would also like to thank Pat Gildea and Rose Holschlag for their guidance and help in making the Convention run smoothly, and you, the members, who came to the Convention. Thanks, too, anyone who helped make this the best–ever State Convention. Special thanks to all the courts who took an ad for our Convention program and/or a donation for our tombola table.

I wish the new board—Peg, Shirley, Margaret, Lisa and the newbie Colette—much happiness as you Serve the Lord with Gladness.

Don't forget to share the information you have learned with your court members.

I will miss the board, but please know that I am available if you need me. Keep me in your prayers as I continuemy journey as National Director, Serving the Lord with Gladness.

—Peggy Guckin, Immediate Past State Regent 2013—2017

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2016 National Convention — Pittsburgh, PA

July 17–24, 2016, at the Wyndham Grand

Hosted by the Pennsylvania State Court, the 56th Biennial National Convention was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 17–24, 2016, at the Wyndham Grand.

To our convention volunteers and diocesan teams thank you, very much for all of your hard work, effort, and donations; it truly paid off with the best National Convention ever! God bless you and yours for everything you did to make it such a success!

To our National Board, members, clergy and spiritual advisors, keynote speakers, exhibitors and vendors, and visitors—from the continental United States and around the globe, thank you for sharing your time with us, as we worked together for one common cause — Unity and Charity!

Special thanks to our members who represented their Court as delegates and alternates and to the members attending. There were 63 first times to the National Convention. Don't forget to take what you learned back to your Courts. Continue with your enthusiasm, continue with your fire, and continue to spread the fire to your CDA members.

Images from the National Convention

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If you'd like to share your images or videos from the 2016 National Convention with others, please contact our State Website Designer.

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2015 State Convention — Philadelphia, PA

April 24–27, 2015. The theme was "Faith + Family = Future."

Our 51st Biennial State Convention is now a fond memory. On Friday, April 24, twenty-some members took a guided tour of historical Philadelphia. After a morning of sightseeing, they went to Reading Terminal for lunch and had time to buy items from Amish vendors. On returning to the hotel, it was time to get ready for 4:30 Mass at St. Ephrem Church. Leading the procession was CDA Color and Honor Guard and the K of C Color Guard. The main Celebrant was our State Chaplain, Father Timothy O'Sullivan; Con-celebrants were Father D. Timothy Grimme, Past State Chaplain and Msgr. Kenneth McAteer, Pastor and Court Chaplain at St. Ephrem and Deacon Rich Napoli, who was our guest speaker at the opening banquet. We were led in song by our organist, Rosemarie Fallor, and our cantor, Johanna Leonard, and musical director, Theresa Shields, did a great job with the choir.

Afterwards, we had a delicious dinner followed by Deacon Rich's presentation, "Faith and Family." John Ramming, President of Courage Unlimited, then spoke about "Duffy the Lion"—one of our Pennsylvania State pro-life charities.

We were sorry to hear that our Catholic Daughter of the Year was not able to attend the Convention. Congratulations to Mary May from Court Erie #515. Mary, is a long-time member. Besides holding office in her court, she has held various offices on the State level and also as State Chairman.

Saturday's opening ceremonies saw the Color Guard lead the way to open our 51st Biennial State Convention, followed by Past State Officers, then current state officers, Sherry Nilles, Second Vice National Regent and Fr. Timothy O'Sullivan, State Chaplain. Father led us in prayer and Johanna led us in song.

Also in attendance were Margaret P. Novak, IPSR, Laraine McGinnis, Past SR and Letty Calvetti, Past SR and National Director. We thanked them for their continued time and talents to CDA.

First order of business was to receive the report of the credential committee and to be sure we had a quorum. A quorum was declared. Jeanette Kitch, Nominating Chair, reported on the slate of officers for the term 2015-2017: Peggy Guckin, Regent; Peg Rafferty, 1st Vice; Shirley Hall, 2nd Vice; Margaret Giordano, Secretary; Lisa McCann, Treasurer. Since there is no opposition, our bylaws permit us to have an election of State Officers by voice vote. Nominations for Nominating Committee for 2017 was made from roll call of courts. Nominated and elected on Sunday were: Mary Catherine Wydra, Chair, Johanna Leonard, Tina Dambach, Christine Surovec, Dolores Croyle and Sue Sharer (Alternate).

Fr. O'Sullivan celebrated Mass at noon where we had a Memorial Service for the deceased officers who had passed away since the last convention. Also, remembered were all members and family who had passed away.

The ladies enjoyed a Philly buffet and the candidates went around and talked to the members. When we returned to the meeting, we had a skit performed by the Membership Team. Then we had financial and State Officers' reports. On Saturday evening, the members were on their own, some checked out nearby restaurants, others went to the casino and others just chilled out at the hotel. After the election on Sunday, we had a continental breakfast and continued on with the meeting.

Sherry presented a CD prepared by Olga Samaniego, First Vice National Regent, regarding membership; you can view it here in .mp4 format (video format commonly used in Windows computers - this video seems to do better when viewing it with the Internet Explorer browser) or here in .mov format (video format commonly used in Apple computers with the Safari browser.) Please remember, patience is a virtue ... as it may take several minutes for these pages to load. So, select the appropriate link and go and make yourself some tea or coffee. Once you hear the music begin, you'll know it's started and you can move the slide button to the beginning once you get back to your computer.

Sister Mary Paul, our Spiritual Enhancement Chairman, graced us with song, singing a capella to Steve Green's "Find Us Faithful", bringing many of us to tears of joy, tears of remembrance, tears of faith.

The Convention was adjourned and the flags were retired. Installation Mass took place at St. Ephrem's followed by a buffet dinner. Entertainment was provided by Mike the One Man Band. All had a good time. No one wanted the music to stop. Many said it was like being at a wedding without the bride and groom. If you were not present at this event, plan on being at National Convention PA Fun Night.

Closing Mass on Monday was celebrated by Fr. Anthony Gargotta, Chaplain, Court St. Rene #1868. A continental brunch followed where we said our goodbyes till we meet again, in Pittsburgh, July 2016, at the National Convention.

2015 Installation
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2022 Workshop

October 14–15, 2022 — Tyrone, PA

On October 14–15, 2022 "A to Z of CDA in a DAY," the theme of our Fall District Deputy and Officer Workshop, was held at Harkins Hall, St. Matthew Church, Tyrone, PA. Friday night was successful in presenting current and prospective district deputies with their duties and responsibilities. At the end of the evening, in cadlelight ceremony fashion, district deputies were installed into their positions with an oath and prayers. Saturday was just as fruitful and the state officers and many members participated in presentations to further the mission of Catholic Daughters! Workshops for the individual offices were held in various regions of the hall and church proper. Prior to lunch, we attended Mass as a community, with our State Chaplian Rev. Jozef Kovacik presiding. Father offered a prayer for all of the district deputies, blessing them in their mission to serve the state court and her members. A skit was peformed, using a train theme, on gaining new membership. The event was very well received by all those who attended! Stay tuned as the winter newsletter, which will be published sometime next month, will surely elaborate on the weekend's happenings, complete with pictures!

2020 Workshop

November 6–7, 2020 — Tyrone, PA

Financial Review Presentation Open 1.5 MB

2014 Workshop

October 3–4, 2014 — Hershey, PA

Our State Workshop was held in Hershey, Pennsylvania on October 3–4, 2014 with 98 members from 31 Courts attending.

The Workshop opened with a Holy Mass celebrated by our State Chaplain, Father Timothy O'Sullivan, followed by his enlightening presentation on marriage. There were many presentations, including the memorable Membership Team sowing and growing skit and our State Parliamentarian, Pat Gildea, who presented the "Anatomy of a Motion Flower." Many enjoyed Pat's energizing warm-up, including many new first-timers. On Saturday morning, many of the ladies enjoyed the historic trolley tour of Hershey.

Thank you to all who donated so generously to many benevolent causes such as the Courage Lion Program Mass collection and Pro-Life Baby Bottle. Thanks to all, including our six vendors, who contributed gifts for the tombola, and to those who supported the 50/50 drawings. Thanks to each and every Catholic Daughter in attendance—officers and members, those who volunteered in any way, who contributed ideas and asked questions—for making this a successful Workshop.

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Updated December 17, 2023

Completing Forms | Circle of Love/Contest | National | State Specific

Please, send a copy of any form regarding membership in Pennsylvania to the State Secretary.

Completing Forms

There are a few ways to complete and submit these forms. You can open and print the form, complete it by hand or by using a typewriter, and mail it. If you are emailing it, scan the completed form into your computer, and then email it. This is by far the easiest way.

Another way, to complete the form, is to follow the instructions on this page: Using Adobe Fill and Sign. Please know, there are some limitations using the above method. There are additional ways to make forms interactive, but they too have their own limitations — especially as it relates to adding descriptive paragraphs.

If you are having trouble, please feel free to schedule a time with our State Web Designer; I'd be glad to try to help you out.

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Circle of Love Reporting Forms and Contest Forms

  • Circle of Love Reporting Forms: Our state officers mail these forms to each local court regent. If you need additional copies, please make your request using our State Contact Form. You can also visit national's forms page and scroll to "Circle of Love".

  • Contest Forms: Our state officers mail these forms to each local court regent. If you need additional copies, please visit national's website.

If you have any questions regarding the Circle of Love reporting forms or the national contest forms, please contact our State Regent.

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State Specific Forms

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National Forms

Visit the national website for any non-state specific form you may need.

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Items for Sale | Lucky Lottery Calendars | Spiritual Intentions | Ten-Week Raffle

Items for Sale

Item Cost
State Pin
State Pin
Robes $5.00

Send your order to the State Secretary. An invoice will be sent to you.

Lucky Lottery Calendars

Winners: January | February

You can also see the State Newsletters for a winners list.

The Lucky Lottery Calendar project was started in 1998. It has a two-fold purpose: to enable the State Court to continue its day-to-day operations and to have extra money available for donations to charities.

This charity money has been used in various ways. When disasters happen in the United States and around the world, we are able to immediately send a contribution to the National office from the State Court, ie: Hurricane Katrina; the tsunami and earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, etc.; a one time donation to a seminarian; supplement the money sent to the eight Bishops in December for their Pro Life programs; etc. Since membership has become so important in our future, expenses for the state team to travel across the Commonwealth to institute new courts or save failing courts is now accomplished with the help of this money. As future aid is needed, we will be in a position to help others.

Each court in the state receives calendars to sell to their members, friends, family, or associates. We encourage each court to buy one for the court and for its chaplain. Any interested person, Catholic or not, is welcome to purchase a calendar.

Contact your local court or the State Regent for a calendar. The cost is still $25.00, the payout is on the first drawn evening three digit PA State lottery number. Winners receive $30.00 Monday through Friday, $40.00 on Saturday, $60.00 on Sunday plus there is a $100.00 winner each month on designated days such as Father's Day, Assumption of Our Lady, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, etc. Payouts are made twice a month. You can check www.palottery.state.pa.us/ to see if your number has won.

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Spiritual Mass Intentions

Your state board offers spiritual Mass intention cards (four to a page) to our members (enrollment card or spiritual intention Mass card.)

Beginning January 1, 2024, Masses will now be offered at Misericordia Chapel, 998 South Russell Street, York, Pennsylvania 17402, on the third Sunday of the month, at 10:30 A.M.

Donations received from these intentions, will be sent to the North American College in Rome, to help our seminarians studying there. You may send any donation amount you wish, with a check made payable to Catholic Daughters of the Americas. A personal check will be accepted for these spiritual intentions.

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Ten-Week Raffle

Winners: Ten Week Winners Updated February 1, 2024

You can also check the State Newsletters for winners.

In 2010, at the suggestion of Anne Nelson, then National Regent Elect and our National Supervisor, our ten-week raffle began. At that time, its purpose was to fund our State Court's 100th Anniversary celebration in 2011.

Our courts have overwhelming shown that this is an easy ticket for them to sell. We find that it is a good way to augment our state court's treasury, thus enabling us to keep our yearly dues at $2.00 a member. As you all know, our state membership team is actively trying to start new courts for Pennsylvania. It is our responsibility to support these endeavors and the ten-week raffle is our way of doing this. Hence, it was decided to continue this ten-week raffle twice a year in early spring and winter.

Your support and generosity is needed to continue this fundraiser. Please sell the tickets which are sent to your court. This is a totally separate fundraiser from our state Lucky Lottery Calendars, which enables us to give more to charity and to use for operating expenses.

Thank you for all that you do for the Pennsylvania Catholic Daughters of the Americas. Remember: Act Christ like; wear Mary's mantle; and, walk on the CDA path!

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State / Territorial Court Listing

Updated February 26, 2023

If the state court / territory has a website, it is linked. National Convention history follows.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California — 42nd San Diego 1988; 35th Los Angeles; 22nd Pasadena; 11th San Francisco 1925
  • Colorado — 29th Denver 1962; 15th Colorado Springs 1933
  • Connecticut
  • Florida — 46th Tampa 1996; 30th Hollywood 1964
  • Guam
  • Idaho
  • Illinois — 39th Chicago 1982
  • Iowa — 45th Des Moines 1994
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana — 36th New Orleans 1976 –and– home of our upcoming 60th National Convention in 2024!
  • Maryland — 38th Baltimore 1980
  • Massachusetts — 31st Boston 1966
  • Mexico
  • Michigan — 18th Detroit 1939; 9th Detroit 1921
  • Minnesota — 51st Minneapolis 2006; 25th Minneapolis 1954
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri (No active courts shown today) — 21st St. Louis 1945; 10th Kansas City 1923
  • Montana — 55th Billings 2014
  • Nebraska — 54th Omaha 2012; 27th Omaha 1958
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire — 17th Bretton Woods 1937
  • New Jersey — 34th Atlantic City 1972; 14th Atlantic City 1931
  • New Mexico — 52nd Albuquerque 2008
  • New York — 53rd Buffalo 2010; 43rd New York City 1990; 37th New York City 1978; 24th Lake Placid 1952; Utica 1st through 8th 1904, 1905, 1909, 1911, 1913, 1915, 1917, and 1919
  • North Carolina — 23rd Ashville 1950; 12th Ashville 1927
  • North Dakota — 48th Bismarck 2000
  • Ohio — 32nd Cleveland 1968; 20th Cleveland 1943
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon — 44th Portland 1992; 26th Portland 1956
  • Pennsylvania — 56th Pittsburgh 2016; 41st Philadelphia 1986; 28th Pittsburgh 1960
  • Puerto Rico — 59th National Convention, Puerto Rico 2022
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota — 57th National Convention, Sioux Falls 2018
  • Tennessee
  • Texas — 58th National Convention 2020; 49th Huston 2002; 40th Huston 1984; 13th Galveston 1929
  • Vermont
  • Virgin Islands
  • Virginia — 47th Norfolk 1998
  • Washington — 50th Tacoma 2004; 33rd Seattle 1970; 16th Seattle 1935
  • Washington, D.C. — 19th District of Columbia 1941
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
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The images should be fine for use with a home printer, for your agendas, newsletters, and such. I made the background transparent because they can be used with white or color backgrounds and I thought I would share them with you. If you prefer a .jpg file, please let me know; I'd be happy to email them to you.

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PA State Map with CDA Logo
PA State Map with CDA Logo
State Map by Pattie

High resolution PA State Map with CDA Logo in Adobe pdf format.
State Map by Pattie

CDA State Logo
High Resolution PA State Map with CDA Logo in Yellow and White
State Map by Pattie - updated 4/11/23

High resolution PA State Map with CDA Logo in Yellow and White in Adobe pdf format.
State Map by Pattie

CDA National Logo
CDA Logo

Cross and Crown
National Symbol

Circle of Love
Circle of Love

Mary on display at the National Office
Statue on display at the National Office in New York City, New York
Colorized by Pattie

Check out the logos on National's website too!

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Circle of Love Puzzle

Thanksgiving ... Circle of Love Word Search